Restoring New Life

Video: Old Village Cemetery – A Brief History
Video: Old Village Cemetery – Restoring An Historic Gem
Restoring New Life to the Old Village Cemetery

Dedham’s Old Village Cemetery holds an anthology of the poignant and personal stories that describe the significant role that Dedham played in the Colonial history of Massachusetts. The grounds of the old cemetery have deteriorated over the years to the point where if a major restoration is not undertaken without delay, an important landmark of Dedham history will be irreparably damaged forever. Time and weather have toppled and broken gravestones, ironwork fencing and borders are either gone or degraded, and the overall landscaping and paths have eroded to the point of representing a danger to the public. Our goal is to supplement town funds dedicated to the cemetery in order to undertake a three-year restoration, and the establishment of an endowment fund to care for the grounds in perpetuity.

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Restoration Schedule
Phase I

•   Continue repair and cleaning of headstones and footstones as recommended in 2005 Preservation Management Plan
•   Initiate restoration of ironwork
•   Emergency upgrading of pathways and gravesites to permit age-friendly access

Phase II

•   Repair vaults by restoring doors, locks, masonry
•   Continue repair and cleaning of headstones and footstones
•   Continue restoration of ironwork; repair granite

Phase III

•   Complete repair and cleaning of headstones and footstones
•   Complete restoration and preservation of ironwork
•   Complete major landscaping
•   Ongoing: Perpetual Care Fund


We are urgently seeking private donations so that we can begin the critical work of restoring this important piece of our shared heritage. Join us in preserving, and honoring Dedham’s rich history by helping us reach our goal of $1,000,000.