Thank You to Our Donors

Thanks to the efforts of Representative Paul McMurtry and Senator Mike Rush, and a long list of generous donors, we are almost halfway to the funds that we need to complete our three-year goal of $1,000,000 for the restoration and endowment of one of America’s most significant Colonial Cemeteries, and key to Dedham’s rich history.

We are on track to complete the work scheduled for this year and next, and have been gratified by the enthusiasm and support that the project has generated among Dedham residents and Institutions. The resurrected Cemetery will reflect strong elements of its Colonial past, and those additions from the mid-19th Century American Cemetery Movement. We appreciate the continuing generosity of our donors. Please see our donation page if you would like to help us reach our goal.

Photo above: Marie-Louise Kehoe receives a check for $250,000. Pictured l to r: Dedham TV Executive Director Donna Greer, Dedham Town Manager James Kern, Representative Paul McMurtry, Old Village Cemetery Chair Marie-Louise Kehoe, Senator Michael Rush, Cemetery Committee Member Ted Russell

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