Old Village Cemetery Scavenger Hunt Provides Family Fun and Historical Exploration

Old Village Cemetery neighbors Meg Duncan and her daughter Cookie recently created a scavenger hunt for kids, families, and individuals looking for a little outdoor time and entertainment while maintaining social distance. The “treasures” are some of the beautiful gravestone carvings in the Cemetery. Simply open the scavenger guide using this Google Slides link, start at the main gate on Village Avenue, and enjoy a little time exploring one of Dedham’s historic landmarks.

Meg and Cookie noticed that a lot more families with kids have been visiting the cemetery in the past few weeks.

“We thought we could provide a little entertainment in the form of a scavenger hunt with photos of some of our favorite stone carvings,” explains Meg. “It’s also been a nice project for both of us, with our extra time at home. Cookie is a senior at Dedham High School who is hoping to study history at college next year, so we couldn’t resist including some of our favorite stories as well.”

Unprecedented Times

During this difficult and unprecedented time, we refer our members to the Town of Dedham website and to the neighborhood site, Nextdoor, and to this helpful information provided by The Boston Globe ( what to do if you believe you have symptoms of the virus, how to socially distance yourself, things you can do at home to occupy suddenly vast expanses of time, and how to help our community.)

Please stay safe and take advantage of the help your friends and neighbors give willingly.